Film Fright Triggers Fight or Flight

Film Fright Triggers Fight or Flight
A really scary movie causes your heart to race, your blood pressure to rise, your skin to get sweaty, your lungs to take in more air and your liver to release extra glucose into your bloodstream. Blood is diverted to your legs which creates muscle tension and readiness for action.

Believe it or not, under the circumstances of fear, this is a healthy body response. It could even save your life. Let’s take a look at the whys and wherefores.

If you feel scared, your adrenal glands excrete the hormone adrenaline. When a hormone reaches its cell or tissue destination, this, in turn, causes a specific action or reaction. Adrenaline, for example, communicates to your body that a threat is imminent and you should be prepared to either fight for your life or run away from danger.

This hormonal response is a natural physical defense known as the fight or flight reaction. And it’s a good example of how your hormones help you to survive.

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