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Until the late 19th century there was no "Germany" so the country has no "national cuisine", instead the variety of very different regional cuisines and their differences are a culinary adventure.

, Germany's 'Anytime' Sandwich star
For generations Strammer Max has been one of Germany's most popular "anytime" meals. Quick, easy and delicious, the open faced sandwich combination has regional variations, but always includes an egg, so here are some recipes and all are worth trying.

Asparagus Recipes, Specialties for 'Spargelzeit' star
Asparagus with Orange and Lime Hollandaise Sauce and Schwabian Asparagus Soup with Pancake. Two delicious German specialties that appear during Spargelzeit, Germany's White Asparagus Season.

Beef Rouladen, German Beef Roll-Ups Recipe star
Rinderrouladen, "Beef Rouladen", or even "Roll-Em-Ups", thin slices of beef rolled up around a seasoned onion and bacon filling, in a wine sauce. Once saved for celebrations or Sundays, now the delicious German classic is a popular "every day" dinner choice during the cold weather season.

Cheese Hedgehog, a Party Snack Recipe star
Der Käseigel, a Cheese Hedgehog, the "Retro" party snackc from Germany. The ultimate cold buffet food during the 1960's and 1970's, it's enjoying a popular and widespread renaissance, and is now just as likely to be found accompanying a summer BBQ as a snack during winter months.

Chestnut Soup, German Recipe star
Chestnuts are among many things that the Romans introduced to "Germania", and during fall and winter they are a favorite for "Food Foraging". Used as a base for many traditional German dishes one of the most popular is Chestnut Soup, with variations that range from simple to the exotic.

Currywurst, its Story and Authentic Recipe star
What is a Currywurst? Well life without it would be unthinkable for many Germans. A grilled sausage with special curry sauce far tastier than ketchup and curry powder, or the contents of a packet, it's an iconic fast food snack enjoyed everywhere. Its story and authentic sauce recipe.

Flammkuchen a German Specialty, Recipe star
Flammkuchen is literally "Flaming Cake"; a wafer thin pizza type crust topped by a delicious combination of classic ingredients in a creamy sauce. A year-round German favorite originating in Alsace, a region which has spent much of the last centuries belonging to either France or Germany.

Frankfurter Green Herb Sauce Recipe star
The traditional season for Frankfurter Grüne Soße begins on Holy (Green) Thursday, the day before Good Friday, and continues until the first frost in Autumn. A delicious cold green fresh herb sauce, spicy, creamy and full of good things. Here is a great recipe for you.

German Farmer's Breakfast Recipe star
A Bauernfrühstück, Farmer's Breakfast, in Germany has many variations but is basically a large hash of potatoes, ham or bacon and onions, which, especially in the colder months, not only makes a delicious and popular addition to a breakfast table but at any time of the day.

German Hot Potato Salad Recipe star
Potato salads have become a favorite throughout Europe but "Warm Potato Salads" originated in Germany, where they have been a popular staple of the country?s cuisine for centuries.

German Potato Pancakes Recipes star
Pumpkin left over and no idea what to do with it, Pumpkin Potato Pancakes, traditional "Rieberkuchen" with pumpkin added, is a recipe which will use up extra pumpkin, but also become a family favorite without it. Or simply want a different potato recipe? Then how about Apple Potato Pancakes?

German Spätzle Recipes star
Spätzle. What are they and how are they served. Documented back as far as the 11th Century, it is a traditional German pasta dish that played an important role in every day diets until potatoes were finally accepted in Germany. Try some popular regional Spätzle favorites.

Lent, Monks and a Maultaschen Recipe star
With their special beers and secret recipes Germany´s monks ensured the Lenten Fast to Easter was never all about deprivation. Their traditions and the food that went with them have become year round favorites, including "Herrgottsbescheisserle", Little Cheaters of the Lord. Maultaschen, an over sized ravioli.

Monk's Chicken, 13th Century Recipe for Lent star
Twisting the Rule Book was the name of the game for Medieval monks during Fasts like Lent, and Monk's Chicken is delicious 13th century recipe, but with chicken rather than the tails from hapless beavers used in the middle ages. Allowed as "fish", as they spent time in water.

Obatzda, a Bavarian cheese speciality, Recipes star
Obatzda is a menu staple in almost every Bavarian Beer Garden. A spicy mixture of different cheeses, flavored with paprika whatever additional ingredients are included, it's a Bavarian specialty favorite really worth trying.

Ostalgie and Nostalgic East German Recipes star
In the days of a communist East Germany meals were planned around what was available that day, the queues were long and legendary, and a banana was to be seen on television but not in a shop. Appetizing and healthy food was served nevertheless, and here are some favorite recipes from the time.

Roast Goose, Red Cabbage and Dumpling Recipes star
Koelner Martinsgans is a delicious St. Martin’s Goose speciality from Cologne, Germany and a meal to be enjoyed at any time, not only on St. Martin’s Day, November 11th. A winter favourite, and often made for Christmas or New Year celebrations, its traditional accompaniments are Red Cabbage and Dumplings and here are the recipes.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup Recipe star
A delicious spicy Roasted Pumpkin Soup recipe which is often served for St. Martin´s Day and Halloween. Ideal for a chilly late autumn night. Especially as it is also colourful, vitamin packed and nutritious.

Schnitzel, a Breaded Cutlets Recipe star
Its inspiration was an Emperor's love of meat covered with gold leaf, but Schnitzel, thin breaded cutlets, are delicious and easy to make. All the variations, different types of meat, fish, vegetarian alternatives, sauces, are favorite meals throughout the German speaking world.

Schnitzels and Their Sauces Recipes star
Breaded meat cutlets in Germany are "Schnitzels", and traditional German Schnitzels are not only easy to make, they have sauces or variations named after everything from Barons and Gypsies to Hunters and Blue Ribbons.

Southern German Potato Salad Recipes star
Look no further than these traditional, and delicious, recipes from Southern Germany for something a little different to enjoy on a warm summer evening. ´Kartoffel´ Salad specialities from two neighbouring states, Baden Wurttemberg and Bavaria, and a refreshing sparkling wine based Fruit ´Bowle´.

Spaetzle, German Noodles Recipe star
German Spätzle, little egg rich pasta noodles or dumplings, have been one of Southern Germany's "Comfort Foods" for centuries, and have not only spread all over the country but across the world. A treasured memory from home for German emigrants. Short history and authentic recipe.

Spargelzeit, White Asparagus Soup Recipe star
A classic recipe for Germany's "Spargelzeit", the country's annual obsession with White Asparagus. Deutsche Spargel Suppe, Asparagus soup, one of the most popular recipes in two months filled with the Royal Vegetable's white stalks...and just as delicious with green asparagus.

Steckerlfisch, a Grilled Fish on a Stick Recipe star
German Beer Gardens and Oktoberfest would not be the same without "Steckerlfisch". A Bavarian specialty for anyone who likes fish and has hunger pangs, it's a delicious well seasoned grilled fish, complete with head, tail and a stick running through it. And perfect for a BBQ.

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